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Errors while setting SCAM under the CESM circumstances

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Errors while setting SCAM under the CESM circumstances

Hi all,


While we set up the SCAM under the CESM 1.2.2 version, we encountered an error related to 'no spmd' and 'mpi-serial'.

We created new case and there was no error until the setup stage.

Once we build the case, there were errors to turn off the spmd.

We tried to to turn off the spmd in several ways, but did not succeed yet. Moreover, there was an error related to the "mpi-serial', which is not installed on our computer system.


Does anyone have any idea to solve this technical issue?

Thank you so much.


Best Regards,


Siwon Song



First, I have moved this to the SCAM section which is appropriate for this subject.

Next, please post the commands you run to try and build SCAM so we can try and help with the problem.

Note that mpi-serial is not something installed on your machine but is a library included with CESM1.2.2.

To build SCAM with no MPI library, your configure command should have these options: -nospmd -nosmp -scam


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