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esmf module load error on NERSC machines

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esmf module load error on NERSC machines


I run CESM2 on the NERSC machines. Starting yesterday, I get the following error when I configure/build/submit, or whenever the model script tries to load modules.


On Cori:

ERROR: module command /opt/modules/default/bin/modulecmd python load esmf/6.3.0rp1-defio-intel2016-mpi-O cray-memkind craype-mic-knl failed with message:

ModuleCmd_Load.c(244):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'esmf/6.3.0rp1-defio-intel2016-mpi-O'


On Edison:

ERROR: module command /opt/modules/default/bin/modulecmd python purge  failed with message:

cmdModule.c(579):ERROR:50: Cannot open file '/global/project/projectdirs/ccsm1/modulefiles/edison/esmf/6.3.0rp1-defio-intel17.0-mpi-O

' for 'reading'


According to cime/config/cesm/machines/config_machines.xml, we load esmf modules from /global/project/projectdirs/ccsm1/modulefiles/[machine name]/esmf/, but now I do not see any files there. It seems these files were removed sometime yesterday (03/05/2019).


Could anyone from the CESM team look into the directory and put back the module files? Or are there any solutions that I can make the model work by myself?


Best regards,




Those files were accidently erased and we put back the cori files yesterday but didn't do edison since it is slated for retirement.   Please send email to and request a build for edison if you need it.   Or you can download and build esmf in your own space and change the location in config_machines.xml

CESM Software Engineer


Thank you so much for your reply. For edison, I will try either sending an email to the esmf support or building it myself.


As for cori, I still do not see any files in the following directory:


Is the path changed?

By the way, general users do not have access to the cori-knl directory (/global/project/projectdirs/ccsm1/modulefiles/cori-knl, drwxrws---). If we are supposed to load different esmf modules for cori-haswell and cori-knl, the permission for the cori-knl directory may need to be changed.








I got contacted by the ESMF support staff offering me help, and now I see the module file created for cori-haswell under


Sorry to bother again but I'd like to ask one more question. According to the CESM documentation (, the ESMF module is optional, and was not loaded by default in CESM1. Do we really need to load this module for CESM2?


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