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Evergreen port not working for CESM1.2.0

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Evergreen port not working for CESM1.2.0


I am trying to run CESM1.2.0 on the supported evergreen machine. The existing port on evergreen seems to be have been done for CESM1.1.X and will not work for CESM1.2.0.

After correcting a few obsolete links in the model scripts, version 1.1.2 appears to still be working.

For version 1.2.0, the model will build after deselecting some intrinsic function definitions (HAVE_GAMMA_INTRINSICS and HAVE_ERF_INTRINSICS) in shr_spfn_mod.F90 not supported by the intel compiler used. However, the model will only run briefly before running the nodes out of memory. The memory requirement grows until it becomes unfeasible to request that amount of memory to the system. Are there any suggestions on how to get the port to work for CESM1.2.0?



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