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f02_g16 and f05_g16 - supported/unsupported ?

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f02_g16 and f05_g16 - supported/unsupported ?



I am trying to run the following resolutions






...using CLM45 compset. When I create a case for each, I get the following errors:


for f05_g16, the error is as follows (not being supported ?):


CLM build-namelist:: res has a value ('0.47x0.63') that is NOT valid.


for f02_g16, the error is as follows:


CLM build-namelist ERROR: No default value found for fsurdat.
            Are defaults provided for this resolution and land mask?


Our group is running f09_g16 absolutely fine and would like to perform experiments at a higher resolution. Are f02_g16 and f05_g16 supported ? This link seems to suggest so:

Are relevant input .nc files automatically downloaded during cesm_setup or must we download them manually or create our own?


Any pointers are appreciated. Hopefully this is a quick answer!





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