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Fail when running CESM on cheyenne

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Fail when running CESM on cheyenne

Dear Cheyenne help friends,

I am trying to move from yellowstone to Cheyenne, given that the yellowstone is about to retire. I then downloaded the CESM1.2.2.1, logged in to Cheyenne, and created a new case. The case is successfully be compiled and built, but it failed when being submitted. The error message is copied as follows (cesm log in RUNDIR):

      1 MPT: Launch error on                          

  2 dplace: unable to execute ../bld/cesm.exe. No such file or directory

  3 MPT ERROR: could not run executable. If this is a non-MPT application,

  4 you may need to set MPI_SHEPHERD=true.


  6     (SGI MPT 2.15  09/03/16 04:16:39)


Can anyone help me understand what is going on? Many thanks!!



wanying kang


Hi Everyone, 

Just in case someone else also meet the same problem, I noticed that there is a bug in the script to generate [CASENAME].run code. There is one line like

mpiexec_mpt -p "%g:" omplace ../bld/cesm.exe >&! cesm.log.$LID

But there is no ../bld/cesm.exe under the ${RUNDIR}, where the command is ran. I then changed this line to 

mpiexec_mpt -p "%g:" omplace ${CASEROOT}/bld/cesm.exe >&! cesm.log.$LID

, and it works fine now.


Wanying Kang


wanying kang


BTW, if you want to change this in the CESM code to save your effort in the future, it can be done in CESM1_2_2/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines/mkbatch.cheyenne.

wanying kang

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