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Failed to find dates bracketing desired time

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Failed to find dates bracketing desired time

Dear all,

     I rescently run CAM5-chem driven by an offline meteorological field-- the MERRA reanalysis produc. The compset I used is FSTRATMAM7. My simulation was started from 1979-01-01. However, it crashed at 1980-03-01. The error in the atm.log file is as following:

 (GETFIL): attempting to find local file

 (GETFIL): using /data1/users/kyi/MERRA/1980/

 open_met_datafile: /data1/users/kyi/MERRA/1980/

 FIND_TIMES: Failed to find dates bracketing desired time =


  datatm =     722394.5000000000

  datatp =     722394.7500000000

  all_data_times =     722394.0000000000         722394.2500000000

    722394.5000000000         722394.7500000000

I have chacked the input metdata file. It seems to be normal. So I don't understand why would it happened since it has susuccessfully run for more than one year from 1979-01-01 to 1980-03-01. Could you give me any suggestions or comments?


Hi all!

I find that this trouble happens every leap year in my  simulation. Has anyone met this problem before?

I have no idea how to fix it.


Hi, this looks very much like a LEAP year problem. Make sure the list that points to the meteorologial files, is in line with your calendar settings, e.g., if you run with the GREGORIAN calendar, you need to include Feb 29th, 1980, if you run with NO_LEAP, you don't,



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