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Generating Mapping Files in CESM 1.2 - share librariers error (

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Generating Mapping Files in CESM 1.2 - share librariers error (

I'm currently trying to utilize an interactive login on Yellowstone to run some mapping tools built into CESM 1.2.  However, I seem to be running into an error where the shared libraries aren't loading (
I run the following command to enter interactive mode:
bsub -Is -q small -W 1:00 -n 1 -P UCDV0003 $SHELL
Then, in the following directory:
I run this command:
./ -p clm4_0 --gridfile --res 0.125x0.125 --gridtype global
And I get the error highlighted below:

[arhoades@ys2929 mkmapdata]$ ./ -p clm4_0 --gridfile --res 0.125x0.125 --gridtype global
Script to create mapping files required by mksurfdata_map
query command is ./../../../bld/ -silent -namelist clmexp -phys clm4_0  -justvalue -options sim_year=2000 -csmdata /glade/p/cesm/cseg/inputdata

Using user specified scrip grid file:
Output grid resolution is 0.125x0.125
rm: cannot remove `PET*.Log': No such file or directory
Creating mapping file:
From input grid: /glade/p/cesm/cseg/inputdata/lnd/clm2/mappingdata/grids/
For output grid:

/glade/apps/opt/esmf/6.1.1-ncdfio/intel/12.1.5/bin/binO/ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Error status returned from mkmapdata script


Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
All the best,

Alan Rhoades
PhD Candidate, Atmospheric Science Graduate Group
University of California, Davis


Have you found the solution for this ? I have the same error.


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