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glimmer-cism error in building compset BG1850CN in CESM

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glimmer-cism error in building compset BG1850CN in CESM

I am trying to perform a simulation with CESM 1.2 on Cheyenne using compset BG1850CN. Upon trying to build the case using CESM, I get the error below. It seems that the /models/glc/cism/glimmer-cism/ directory is missing in this version of the code.

Does anyone know why this is and if there is any way to use this compset with CESM 1.2?


CMake Error: The source directory "/gpfs/fs1/p/cesm/releases/cesm1_2_2_1/models/glc/cism/glimmer-cism" does not exist.

Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.

/glade/u/home/aatwood/cesm1_2_2_1/b.e12.BG1850CN.f19_g16.WSOLhyb.001/Tools/Makefile:494: recipe for target '/glade/scratch/aatwood/b.e12.BG1850CN.f19_g16.WSOLhyb.001/bld/glc/Makefile' failed

gmake: *** [/glade/scratch/aatwood/b.e12.BG1850CN.f19_g16.WSOLhyb.001/bld/glc/Makefile] Error 1




Hi Alyssa,

I'm getting same error while building CESM1.2.2.1. Did you get any help from some where to overcome this problem?




Hi Umar,

I can't write to that directory, but I have put a complete copy in



Hi Jedwards,

I'm running CESM on Washington State University HPC and I dont have access to Cheyenne. Can you please suggest some other repsatory from where I can download this. 




has been updated with the correct release code on cheyenne.

Please let us know if you are still having issues. 

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