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-grid_file equivalent for CESM1.3 (-user_grid_file)?

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-grid_file equivalent for CESM1.3 (-user_grid_file)?

Hi there, I am trying to get a new grid set up (for I and IG simulations on the regional RASM model grid). In CESM1.2, the create_newcase command accepted as an argument the name of an xml file, to define the grid for the executable. I have pasted the contents of this file, as I created it, at the bottom of this message.

In CESM1.3 and latter beta versions of CESM1.2, this file format (now pointed to using the -user_grid_file flag in the call to create_newcase) is no longer of the right format (though, the error message I get when I try to reference this file is:

"/glade/u/home/jfyke/work/CLM_on_RASM_grid/cesm1_3_attempt/cesm1_3_beta01/scripts/ccsm_utils/Case.template/config_compsets.xml is not a compset parameters file"

which seems strange, since the error message does not reference the local file I set as the -user_grid_file, but rather the default ccsm-utils/Case.template/config_compset file).

Regardless of this strange (?) error, the main question I have is: How do I make a CESM1.3 file that is a "copy" of the default config_compsets.xml (as is directed in this file), is equivalent to the old -user_grid file format, and references the proper domain files, so that I can set up and run a model on the regional RASM grid?

Below is a copy of the old CESM1.2 -grid_file which I created based on Mariana's wrf_example in tools/mapping/examples - which appears to be obsolete now in the CESM1.3 tag (?):

Thanks in advance for any help, and I am available by phone:


Jeremy Fyke

Jeremy Fyke


Here is the -grid_file text:


<?xml version="1.0"?>


<horiz_grid GLOB_GRID="wr50a" nx="275" ny="205" />

<horiz_grid GRID="wr50a_wr50a" SHORTNAME="RASM_RASM"

            ATM_GRID="wr50a" LND_GRID="wr50a" OCN_GRID="wr50a" ICE_GRID="wr50a" 

            ATM_NCPL="48" OCN_NCPL="1"











            DESC="Jer Fyke's wrf grid"




Jeremy Fyke



The user_grid_file should point to a full pathname of a copy of ccsm_utils/Case.template/config_grid.xml file - with the new changes put in for the wr50a.

For cesm1_3_beta01 - here are the relevant changes for "new" config_grid.xml using your new grid

Index: config_grid.xml
--- config_grid.xml     (revision 49555)
+++ config_grid.xml     (working copy)
@@ -125,6 +125,7 @@
 <!-- wrf grids -->
 <GRID sname="wus12_wus12"   alias="wus12_wus12">a%wus12_l%wus12_oi%wus12_r%null_m%reg_g%null_w%null</GRID>
+<GRID sname="wr50a_wr50a"   alias="wr50a_wr50a">a%wr50a_l%wr50a_oi%wr50a_r%null_m%reg_g%null_w%null</GRID>
 <!-- ww3 grids -->
@@ -370,6 +371,11 @@
   <desc>WRF 12-km Western US samegrid configuration</desc>
+<gridhorz name="wr50a">
+  <nx>275</nx>  <ny>205</ny> 
+  <desc>WRF grid</desc>
 <!-- WW3 grids-->
 <gridhorz name="ww3a">
@@ -489,9 +495,11 @@
 <EPS_AGRID atm_grid=".+"   >1.0e-12</EPS_AGRID>
 <EPS_AGRID atm_grid="wus12">1.0e-03</EPS_AGRID>
+<EPS_AGRID atm_grid="wr50a">1.0e-03</EPS_AGRID>
 <EPS_AAREA atm_grid=".+"   >9.0e-07</EPS_AAREA>
-<EPS_AAREA atm_grid="wus12">1.0e-03</EPS_AAREA>
+<EPS_AGRID atm_grid="wus12">1.0e-03</EPS_AGRID>
+<EPS_AAREA atm_grid="wr50a">1.0e-03</EPS_AAREA>
 <EPS_OMASK ocn_grid=".+">1.0e-06</EPS_OMASK>
 <EPS_OGRID ocn_grid=".+">1.0e-02</EPS_OGRID>
@@ -1083,6 +1091,17 @@

+<griddom grid="wr50a" mask="reg">
+  <ATM_DOMAIN_PATH>$CCSMROOT/tools/mapping/gen_domain_files</ATM_DOMAIN_PATH>
+  <LND_DOMAIN_PATH>$CCSMROOT/tools/mapping/gen_domain_files</LND_DOMAIN_PATH>
+  <ICE_DOMAIN_PATH>$CCSMROOT/tools/mapping/gen_domain_files</ICE_DOMAIN_PATH>
+  <OCN_DOMAIN_PATH>$CCSMROOT/tools/mapping/gen_domain_files</OCN_DOMAIN_PATH>

Lets say you placed the new config_grid.xml in a file called ~/newgrid.xml

You would call create_newcase as follows:

./create_newcase -case jeremey -compset I -res wr50a_wr50a -user_grid_file ~/newgrid.xml -mach yellowstone_intel

The error statement you initially obtained is incorrect. We will fix this in an upcoming beta tag.

Let me know if you have problems with the above.




Hi Mariana,


Thanks a lot for this response, the create_newcase executes successfully.

However, it led to a subsequent error in preview_namelist:



Running preview_namelist script 

 infile is /glade/u/home/jfyke/work/CLM_on_RASM_grid/cesm1_3_attempt/cesm1_3_beta01/scripts/wr50a_test_cesm1_3_beta01/Buildconf/cplconf/cesm_namelist 

ERROR: wr50a is not a valid value for parameter sitespf_pt: valid values are none,1x1_brazil,1x1_tropicAtl,5x5_amazon,1x1_camdenNJ,1x1_vancouverCAN,1x1_mexicocityMEX,1x1_asphaltjun leNJ,1x1_urbanc_alpha,1x1_numaIA,1x1_smallvilleIA,us20,wus12

ERROR: clm.buildnml.csh failed

ERROR: /glade/p/work/jfyke/CLM_on_RASM_grid/cesm1_3_attempt/cesm1_3_beta01/scripts/wr50a_test_cesm1_3_beta01/preview_namelists failed: 25344

*** I'm not sure why parameter sitespf_pt is attempting to be set - it would appear this is for single-point CLM simulations?  I've tracked down the files that I think are pertinent, and vaguely suspect I could patch it, but it's still not very clear to me what is going on in the heirarchy of scripts, which makes me hesitant to naively change things without first inquiring.  Do you have any tips on how to proceed past this error? Thanks again, Jeremy


Jeremy Fyke


Hi Jeremy

The logic in clm.buildnml.csh has the following...

if ($MASK_GRID == "reg" && $LND_GRID != "CLM_USRDAT" ) then
   set config_opts = "-sitespf_pt $LND_GRID"
   set clmusr      = ""

for you case, you should comment out the "set config_opts" line..

#set config_opts = "-sitespf_pt $LND_GRID"


That's the reason it's checking the resolution, otherwise it wouldn't unless you invoked the -chk_res option in CLM_BLDNML_OPTS. We (in CLM) need to figure a better way to handle that logic in the clm.buildnml.csh script.

Erik Kluzek ...............

CESM Land Model (CLM) Software Liason

CESM Software Engineering Group, NCAR


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