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(gridmap_map_read) ERROR: frac_src out of bounds

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(gridmap_map_read) ERROR: frac_src out of bounds


I am using mksurfdata_map to create my surfdataset, but I met the following error:

(gridmap_map_read) reading mapping matrix data...

(gridmap_map_read) * file name                  : /home/myUser/cesm1_2_2/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapdata/

 * matrix dimensions rows x cols :      259200  x       50167

 * number of non-zero elements:        83612

 (gridmap_map_read)  ERROR: frac_src out of bounds

 max =    2.00000000000026       min =   0.000000000000000E+000

forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source

mksurfdata_map     0000000000540655  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     000000000053E417  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     00000000004F4824  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     00000000004F4636  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     000000000048EB46  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     00000000004930E0  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown    0000003314C0F7E0  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown          00000033144FF73A  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     0000000000482409  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     0000000000416596  mkgridmapmod_mp_g         249  mkgridmapMod.F90

mksurfdata_map     0000000000439A8A  mkpftmod_mp_mkpft         286  mkpftMod.F90

mksurfdata_map     00000000004517AB  MAIN__                    501  mksurfdat.F90

mksurfdata_map     000000000040A36E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown          000000331441ED1D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

mksurfdata_map     000000000040A279  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown


ERROR in mksurfdata_map: 44544

Do you have any idea where this error comes from? Is it possible my SCRIP files have a problem? Please give me a hint or suggestion about it






Yes, this is a problem with the mapping file. The fraction "frac" on the mapping file should be between 0.0 and 1.0. mksurfdata_map will allow it to go outside that a small amount, but the range of your mapping file is 0.0 to 2.0. So there's something wrong with your mapping file. Something we've seen is that with certain versions of ESMF, the direction that the verticies are defined on the input SCRIP grid file matters (if it's clockwise or counterclockwise, you want it to be counterclockwise).

Erik Kluzek ...............

CESM Land Model (CLM) Software Liason

CESM Software Engineering Group, NCAR




Thank you so much.


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