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gx1v5 or gx1v6 CICE

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gx1v5 or gx1v6 CICE

Recently , I ran the offline model of CICE in CESM .

compset :  D

res : f19_g16_rx1 

ice file :

domain file : 

 grid_file = '/stor9000/apps/users/NWSUAF/2015051088/inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v6/grid/'

 kmt_file = '/stor9000/apps/users/NWSUAF/2015051088/inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v6/grid/'

But the grid file and kmt file are nc files with res gx1v5 . There is no gx1v6-res kmt and grid files in official website. 

The model crashed with the problem : Incompatible domain grid 

Please help me for giving some hints ?

How do I deal with this problem?


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