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Historical slab ocean run

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Historical slab ocean run
Hello, I am trying to run a historical run using the slab ocean model. And I would like to use the same atmosphere, land and ice components as in the LENS project. I thought of doing a hybrid run with initial condition from the long control slab ocean run (E1850C5CN.f09_g16). So I used the E1850LENS compset and changed the env_run.xml file to use the initial condition from the control run and also modified the variables:CAM_NML_USE_CASE —> 1850-2005_cam5And
CLM_NML_USE_CASE —> 20thCLENS_transient The above changes produce the same atm_in files as in the historical coupled case, except for the ncdata and the namelist co2_cycle (which I guess is OK).However, the run fails (FLDLST: CO2 in fincl(         125 ) not found), because (I think) the restart files of the control slab ocean ( do not save CO2 variables (CO2, CO2_LND, etc.). My question is: Should I take the CO2 variables from a restart file from the coupled control run and insert them to the restart file of the slab ocean control run? Or, should I use a different compset of slab ocean model (a supported one) which does save those variables, and also uses the same atmosphere, and and ice components as the LENS project (if there is such compset).   Thank you,  Rei

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