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How CAM SCM IC can be created?

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How CAM SCM IC can be created?
Hi! I have two queries: 1. How can I create IC file for running CAM single column model. I want to run for DYNAMO case. I have the observations from 2. When I plotted the precipitation from the IC files available for difference SCM cases (available here:, it appears very smooth. Can anyone please comment why is it so? TIA, Bidyut

Bidyut Bikash Goswami
Center for Prototype Climate Modeling
NYU Abu Dhabi


1. The creation of a SCAM case is detailed in the CAM6 users guide:

2. The initial conditions for SCAM cases are often using a monthly mean. That is likely why the precipitation is smooth. Precipitation from the IC will only matter for the first few timesteps at most.





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