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How to change SST in WACCM?

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How to change SST in WACCM?

Dear friends,

I am recently trying to use a 4xCO2 SST to force the WACCM atmosphere model. But to make that SST nc file, I need SST (this is easy to get from CMIP data) and ice cover data. Does this required ice cover data means "Sea Ice Concentration" (the sea ice area fraction) or "Sea Ice Thickness" or neither in CMIP data? Is that okay to compute the required boundary condition from these data?  

Best regards,


wanying kang


You need the ice fraction in your file. The ice thickness is precribed to a constant value (I believe it is 2m in NH and 1m in SH). You don't need to worry about the ice thickness when you create your dataset.

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