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How to get mass concentration for PM2.5?

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How to get mass concentration for PM2.5?

Dear experts,
I want to get mass concentration for PM2.5 by using BRCP45WCN compset. But there're not many variables about aerosol in history fields list. And I have many questions about how to choose the correct variables to use.
1) Is there any more detailed guide about history fields other than history file (
2) Is 'DTTOTAL'(photolysis diagnostic total aerosol OD) or something like 'SAD'(sulfate aerosol SAD) the correct choice for Particulate Matter? Why there's no unit for 'DTTOTAL' field?
3) If 'DTTOTAL' means total particulate matter mass concentration, how can I separate the fine and coarse PM? I found an online slides used SO4+NH4NO3+BC+2xOC+Fine DST+SSLT to represent PM2.5. But I'm confused about the double of OC.
4) and I'm not sure which specific fields to choose. Such as SO4, there're so many similar history fields about it: 'SO4'(SO4 concentration), 'SO4&IC'(SO4), 'DTSO4'(photolysis diagnostic SO4 OD), 'H2SO4MMR'(photolysis diagnostic SO4 OD), etc.
Thanks a lot,


Hello there

I wonder if you have this problem resolved. I also want ot output PM diagnostics using CESM1.2.2. So far I have not found any dagnostics which can be used directly for this purpose.

Can you please let me know how to do this if you got the answer

Thank you very much

Cheers, Alcide



Hello Alcide,

We changed to other models, so I'm sorry that I might not have a good answer for your question.

As long as I can remember, WCN&CAM5 (sth calls RCP4_CAM5%WC?) has PM diagnostics for future simulations.

Best regards, Pei

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