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how ro tun mpi+omp

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how ro tun mpi+omp

  I try to run mpi+openmp at CESM1_0_3. but failed, i modify methon ,as follow:

First way ,i only set NTHRDS_ATM's value > 1,others' value follow:

Secondl way,i also try to modify the same value of all  NTHRDS_*,but still failed.i do not list the second way of modify.  


  env_mach_pes.xml file: 

i set NTHRDS_ATM's value =2,and set  MAX_TASKS_PER_NODE's value =64 

<entry id="NTASKS_ATM"   value="32"  />    

<entry id="NTHRDS_ATM"   value="2"  />    

<entry id="ROOTPE_ATM"   value="0"  />    


<entry id="NTASKS_LND"   value="32"  />    

<entry id="NTHRDS_LND"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="ROOTPE_LND"   value="0"  />    


<entry id="NTASKS_ICE"   value="32"  />    

<entry id="NTHRDS_ICE"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="ROOTPE_ICE"   value="0"  />    


<entry id="NTASKS_OCN"   value="32"  />    

<entry id="NTHRDS_OCN"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="ROOTPE_OCN"   value="0"  />    


<entry id="NTASKS_CPL"   value="32"  />    

<entry id="NTHRDS_CPL"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="ROOTPE_CPL"   value="0"  />    


<entry id="NTASKS_GLC"   value="32"  />    

<entry id="NTHRDS_GLC"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="ROOTPE_GLC"   value="0"  />    


<entry id="PSTRID_ATM"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="PSTRID_LND"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="PSTRID_ICE"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="PSTRID_OCN"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="PSTRID_CPL"   value="1"  />    

<entry id="PSTRID_GLC"   value="1"  />    


<entry id="TOTALPES"   value="64"  />    

<entry id="PES_LEVEL"   value="1m"  />    

<entry id="MAX_TASKS_PER_NODE"   value="64"  />    

<entry id="PES_PER_NODE"   value="$MAX_TASKS_PER_NODE"  />    

<entry id="BATCH_PES"   value="0"  />    

<entry id="CCSM_PCOST"   value="0"  />    

<entry id="CCSM_TCOST"   value="0"  />    

<entry id="CCSM_ESTCOST"   value="-1"  />    


<entry id="CICE_AUTO_DECOMP"   value="true"  />  

Macro.tianhe_intel file:

 add  '-D_OPENMP'  ,it uses in models.

ifeq ($(compile_threaded), true)






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