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Hybrid run: question about *.cam.i*

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Hybrid run: question about *.cam.i*


I have a questions about restarting a run (Hybrid) from a previously ran CESM2.1.0. output

My aim is: to restart/setup a case from a previous run at month 10 - using the restart files saved from that run. The /scratch/[previous_run]/run folder has been deleted. 

I have generated restart files at a montly interval - for example at month 10: this is the output that is generated and there is NO       rpointer.atm    rpointer.drv    rpointer.glc     rpointer.lnd    rpointer.ocn.ovf  rpointer.ocn.restart  rpointer.ocn.tavg     rpointer.rof

When I then come to create a new_case, using these restart files, that I have copied into my /scratch/run folder: the *.cam.i file is missing and the model crashes.

I have attached the script that I use to set up and build my run. (create_LGM_B-restartCESM_EBM_AUG2019.txt

All these runs are performed a dutch computer.


Sarah Bradley



I think that what you want is a branch and not a hybrid run.  

CESM Software Engineer




thanks for the reply.


However when I try to repeat - changing from 'hybrid' to branch: the model then does not build CAM?

This is the error message I recieve:

Generating component namelists as part of build

GET_REFCASE is false, the user is expected to stage the refcase to the run directory.

Creating component namelists

   Calling /nfs/home4/sarah/cesm_tags/cesm2.1.0-ismip/components/cam//cime_config/buildnml

     ...calling cam buildcpp to set build time options

ERROR: Command /nfs/home4/sarah/cesm_tags/cesm2.1.0-ismip/components/cam/bld/build-namelist -ntasks 192 -csmdata /projects/0/couplice/inputdata -infile /home/sarah/cases_LGM_B-I/B-LGM-EBM-190816/Buildconf/camconf/namelist -ignore_ic_year -use_case 1850_cam6 -inputdata /home/sarah/cases_LGM_B-I/B-LGM-EBM-190816/Buildconf/cam.input_data_list -namelist " &atmexp /"  failed rc=255

out=CAM build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for ncdata

Was there some extra change I was supposed to add? When I read the env_run.xml information branch should work it seems


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