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incomplete Macros.make on theia port

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incomplete Macros.make on theia port

I'm attempting to port cesm1_5_beta02_waccm06 to the NOAA Theia HPC system.

I'm puzzled that the Macros.make file appears to be only partially populated after running "./case.setup". Although the compiler executables are represented, none of the CFLAGS, FFLAGS, CPPDEFS, and similar have values in the Macros.make file.  I've had all these defined in the config_compiler.xml file in my $HOME/.cime directory.  Also in this directory are the config_machines.xml and config_batch.xml.  The corresponding files in the source directory cime/cime_config/cesm/machines have been renamed (prepended "ncar-") to avoid conflicts.

Obviously I've missed something in this porting attempt.

Attached are the Macros.make (Macros.txt) and the config_compilers.xml files. Other files available if desired.

thanks - Roy

with a recent fresh checkout of the source, it appears that many files were changed.  The results of a clean case & build with this new source included a fully populated Macros.make file, with the configs I would expect based on config_compilers.xml.

please consider this question and post solved and closed.


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