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Iodine chemistry in WACCM

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Iodine chemistry in WACCM


Could someone please tell me where can I find the halogen chemistry in WACCM? Especially Iodine chemistry/reactions?


Thanks a lot!


Jun Zhang


All of the chemical species and reaction in a WACCM case will be listed in the following 2 files under your case directory in the sub-directory CaseDocs: and chem_mech.doc.

These files are also available in the source code for each chemistry that is available out of the box. For example, if you are using CESM2(WACCM6), the standard configuration uses TSMLT chemistry (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, lower thermosphere) with MAM4 aerosols. The chemistry files are found here:


We do not have any iodine chemistry in WACCM at this time.

Mike Mills
WACCM Liaison
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
NCAR Foothills Lab
Boulder, Colorado USA

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