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Ion drag and viscous acceleration

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Ion drag and viscous acceleration

Hi all

I am trying to compute Ion drag and viscous acceleration from WACCMX.

For the first term, it is necessary the neutral-ion collision frequency, and for the second

one it is necessary the coefficient of molecular viscosity ( which according to WACCMX description

it is possible to estimate using this: 4.03xO2 + 3.42xN + 3.9xO) x T**0.69 x 10**-7 ,where O2, N2, and O are the mass 

mixing ratio for the ith species) Nonetheless, I couldn't find N2 data on WACCMX outputs.

Therefore, I would like to ask if anybody could help me with the ion drag and molecular viscosity estimation (for this latter it would be possible to use the Sutherland Law, but it has some limitations).


Best regards



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