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Issue about the calculation of photosynthesis in CLM4

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Issue about the calculation of photosynthesis in CLM4

Dear all,


I have some issues regarding to the calculation of photosynthesis in CLM4:

(1) I calculate the global annual mean of "fpsn" from model outputs (photosynthesis) for year-1850 control case, which is about 188 GtC/yr;

(2) For the same case, according to both model codes and CLM_TECH_NOTE, I calculate fpsn = psnsha * laisha + psnsun * laisun using psnsha, psnsun, laisha, and laisun from model outputs.  However, the value is about 128 GtC/yr.

I use compset E1850CN with resolution f19_g16. CN mode is turned on. 

I am not sure I understand why there is an inconsistency between these two results... Any suggestion?




One possibility I am thinking is that since there are up to sixteen different plant function types, the equation:

fpsn = psnsha * laisha + psnsun * laisun

may be suitable for each PFT during model calculation but not for results directly from model outputs?    Am I right?




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