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known problem with mpiexec_mpt on cheyenne

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known problem with mpiexec_mpt on cheyenne

Affected release: CESM2.0.0

Affected machine:

There is a known problem with launching MPI jobs on cheyenne such that the user may be required to resubmit the model using the case.submit script repeatedly before the model run is launched successfully. The problem will produce errors in the cesm.log file similar to:

MPT: Launch error on
MPT ERROR: could not run executable. If this is a non-MPT application,
you may need to set MPI_SHEPHERD=true.

CISL is working with the vendor to try and isolate and fix the problem.

This forum post will be updated when a patch fix has been implemented. 


This issue has been resolved.

Alice Bertini
Software Engineer

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