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LAI value in the surfdata

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LAI value in the surfdata

Hello all,

I am running CESM 1.0.4 with the F2000 component set. I tried to plot the global LAI map based the the variables PCT_PFT (percent plant functional type of gridcell) and MONTHLY_LAI(monthly leaf area index) in the surfdata (the one I used is

LAI = sum(MONTHLY_LAI for each PFT * percent PFT / 100)

However, the calculated LAI is very low (see the map attached).

I also checked the CLM output in my run and plot the variable TLAI (total one-sided leaf area index). Its value is also much lower than the CESM1.0 Experiment results on the UCAR website (such as,

I am wondering if there is anything wrong with the surface input data of the CLM model.

Additionally, I compared the surfdata in 2000 with surfdata in 1850. There is no change in MONTHLY_LAI from 1850 to 2000. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance to all,




Hi Liang,

Im facing the same problem. The ELAI and TLAI value are really low in my output file. Were you able to solve this issue. Please let me know. Will be a great help!

Thanks in advance!


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