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LBC vs. CO2 Flux File

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LBC vs. CO2 Flux File

Hey at all 

I have a question regarding the atmosphere namelist of the "BRCP85BPRP" simulation. There are transient Lower Boundary Conditions defined as well as a CO2 Flux File from fossil fuels. I do not understand how CO2 is evolving in this case. Is the CO2 value fixed / ramped at the surface or is the CO2 lower boundary condition overridden by the CO2 Flux file? 

Extract from the atm_in file: 


 bndtvghg= '/cluster/work/climate/cesm/inputdata/atm/cam/ggas/'

 co2vmr= 0.000001e-6


 scenario_ghg= 'RAMPED'



 co2_flag= .true.

 co2_readflux_fuel= .true.


 co2flux_fuel_file= '/cluster/work/climate/cesm/inputdata/atm/cam/ggas/'

Thank you very much for clarification! 


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