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Long-Term Archiving on cheyenne

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Long-Term Archiving on cheyenne



Has anyone figured out long-term archiving on cheyenne? The CESM codebase machine settings are wrong and fail. It mentions a queue "xfer" that does not exist.


See: /glade/p/cesm/releases/cesm1_2_2_1/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines/mkbatch.cheyenne


I tried running something on one processor in share queue, but that node does not seem to have a link to HPSS...or something is wrong.


ccsm_msmkdir: hsi 'mkdir /HEAVENS/csm/Isabel2/restart.tars/init'


*** nd_LibInit: Error -2 getting address for local host '' hpss_net.c:961:hpss_net_getaddrinfo(): Error returned from getaddrinfo.  -2 Name or service not known

Best regards,


Nicholas Heavens

Research Assistant Professor of Planetary Science

Hampton University




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