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Looking for CESM2.1.1 AMIP (i.e. FHIST) restart files on Cheyenne

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Looking for CESM2.1.1 AMIP (i.e. FHIST) restart files on Cheyenne


I am going to analyze 3-hourly output of CESM2.1.1 AMIP simulations in the period of the year 2000-2014. Instead of rerunning the entire AMIP simulation from 1979, I was wondering are there restart files (e.g. at the year 2000) that I can use on Cheyenne?

I plan to configure the model as follows. If the restart files are available but use a different setting, I think I can change the setting.

Model: CESM2.1.1

Physics package: cam6

Composet: FHIST

Resolution: 1x1 or 1.9x2.5 are fine.





The year 2000 restarts from all 3 CAM6 AMIP runs are at


Please copy them.



Hi strandwg,


Thanks! But I encounter a problem.

I created a hybrid case with restart files of AMIP.001 and the model was built successfully. But it failed to run with an error from CLM (clm.log):


 check_dim ERROR: mismatch of input dimension        62336  with expected value

       62100  for variable landunit

Did you mean to set use_init_interp = .true. in user_nl_clm?

(Setting use_init_interp = .true. is needed when doing a

transient run using an initial conditions file from a non-transient run,

or a non-transient run using an initial conditions file from a transient run,

or when running a resolution or configuration that differs from the initial conditions.)


 ERROR in /glade/u/home/yihsuan/model/cesm2_1_1/components/clm/src/main/ncdio_pi at line 368



I have found that other people reported this problem when using BHIST case, but I don't know how they solve or whether they solve. Could you take a look at this problem and let me know how to solve it? Thanks.




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