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machine cheyenne not available for CESM

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machine cheyenne not available for CESM

Hi, I was trying to create a SOM case on cheyenne using the command below. It failed and said the machine cheyenne is not available. It provided a list of available machines, including yellowstone but not cheyenne. Am I missing anything? 

/glade/p/cesm/releases/cesm1_0_6/scripts/create_newcase -case INDtrd_SOM_T31_g37 -compset E1850CN -res T31_gx3v7 -mach cheyenne




Yes, you are missing a port to the cheyenne system.   Instructions can be found here

CESM Software Engineer

Thanks for your prompt reply. Since I don't have permission to modify the original directory /glade/p/cesm/releases/cesm1_0_6, do I need to copy everything to my home directory and then add cheyenne? Or, I was wondering, could you help add cheyenne to 1.0.6?

To follow up, I tried to svn the version 1.0.6 to my own directory and add cheyenne as directed. But it seems that the instructions provided are not suitable for 1.0.6. The format of files (env_mach_specific.cheyenne and mkbatch.cheyenne) and other modifications are different from what already exist in the original directory. 

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