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missing timing files in cesm1.2.2

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missing timing files in cesm1.2.2

We just ported the cesm1.2.2 on a new machine, and I was trying to get some benchmarking runs,

but the  timings files which are saved usualy in the CASE directory upon completion of the run in timing/ccsm_timing.$CASENAME are missing.

I only get the timings saved in the RUN directory the ccsm_timing_stats

I have the two timings option in env_run.xml set to TRUE:

<!--"logical to diagnose model timing at the end of the run, valid values: TRUE,FALSE (logical) " -->

<entry id="CHECK_TIMING"   value="TRUE"  />

<!--"logical to save timing files in rundir, valid values: TRUE,FALSE (logical) " -->

<entry id="SAVE_TIMING"   value="TRUE"  />


Is there something else I need to turn on?


Detelina Ivanova


CESM Software Engineer

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