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MOAR atmospheric forcing data on Yellowstone

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MOAR atmospheric forcing data on Yellowstone

Dear all,

I need to run an off-line simulation using the MOAR (CMIP5-CCSM4) atmospheric forcing on Yellowstone. Does anyone know where the data is stored?

Configuration with

<entry id="DATM_MODE"   value="CPLHIST3HrWx"  />

<entry id="DATM_CPL_CASE"   value="b40.20th.track1.1deg.012"  />

does not seem to provide the correct path (I'm using CESM1.0.3 for this simulation); it provide the old path on Bluefire (/glade/data01/CMIP5/CCSM/csm/b40.20th.track1.1deg.012/cpl/hist/).

Best regards,



Everything from this case (and all such cases) is stored on the HPSS. The directory corresponding to the above-mentioned path is



Thank you, Mai!

But they are in HPSS; I guess I can't use these files directly as atmospheric forcing for off-line simulations. I wonder if there are any plans to make copies within the glade file system.


You can make them available directly on the glade file system. Example:

% cd /glade/scratch/ksa

% mkdir -p b40.20th.track1.1deg.012/cpl/hist

% hsi 'cd /CCSM/csm/b40.20th.track1.1deg.012/cpl/hist ; get b40.20th.track1.1deg.012.cpl.ha2x3h.19{73,74,75,76,77,78,79}-{01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12}.nc'


Then change the path:

/glade/data01/CMIP5/CCSM/csm to /glade/scratch/ksa in your CPLHIST* files.




There is a bunch of MOAR datasets already on disk on yellowstone under...




Note, there is a directory for ccsm3, ccsm4, and cesm1.

Erik Kluzek ...............

CESM Land Model (CLM) Software Liason

CESM Software Engineering Group, NCAR



Thank you both for your replies.

Fortunately I found CCSM4 coupler outputs, with the same case name as those I used to force the off-line CLM on Bluefire, in the following directory:




I will try running a simulation using this path. If I encounter any problems, I will post then later.


Thank you two again for your help.




Hi Koichi,

I was wondering if you can help me figure out how to run with MOAR atmospheric forcing on Yellowstone?


I am using following scripts to generate my case.

./create_newcase -case ~/cases/moar -res f09_g16 -compset I1850CLM45 -mach yellowstone_intel -pts_lat 36.28 -pts_lon -78.75


In my env_run.xml, I made following changes.


DATM_CPLHIST_CASE ="b40.20th.track1.1deg.012" 





But my run stops with exit code 255

cesm.log file outputs

(seq_comm_setcomm)  initialize ID (  1 GLOBAL          ) pelist   =     0     0     1 ( npes =     1) ( nthreads =  1)

(seq_comm_setcomm)  initialize ID (  2 CPL             ) pelist   =     0     0     1 ( npes =     1) ( nthreads =  1)

(seq_comm_setcomm)  initialize ID ( 17 ATM             ) pelist   =     0     0     1 ( npes =     1) ( nthreads =  1)




(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (shr_stream_init) ERROR: exceeded max number of files

(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping

MPI_Abort: error code = 1001



You could try this in shr_stream_mod.F90:

!KO   integer(SHR_KIND_IN),parameter :: nFileMax = 1000  ! max number of files
   integer(SHR_KIND_IN),parameter :: nFileMax = 2000  ! max number of files


Thank you, that worked!

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