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Modifying Diurnal cycle of Insolation

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Modifying Diurnal cycle of Insolation

Hi everyone,

I am working with CESM 1.2.2. I want to modify / switch off the diurnal cycle of solar insolation but want to retain normal seasonal cycle.

I found the relavent code in following 3 files.

1. /atm/cam/src/physics/radsw.F90

2. /atm/cam/src/physics/zenith.F90

3. /csm_share/shr_orb_mod.F90

How can I manipulate the Solar zenith angle to modify the diurnal cycle ? or do I need to do additional changes ?

For eg. I would like to delay the time of maximum insolation or would like to switch off the diurnal cycle.

Any help regarding this would be useful.


Thanks in advance,



Hi, I am in the same situation with you. Do you find a solution to solve this problem? 




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