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module command error

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module command error

I am trying to port the cesm2.0.1 to a LINUX cluster.

When I tried to run using ./case.submit,

I got this message.


module command /usr/bin/modulecmd python purge  failed with message:

/bin/sh: /usr/bin/modulecmd: No such file or directory


In cesm2.0.1/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_machines.xml,

it is set as follows:

    <module_system type="module">

      <init_path lang="perl">/usr/share/Modules/init/</init_path>

      <init_path lang="sh">/usr/share/Modules/init/sh</init_path>

      <init_path lang="csh">/usr/share/Modules/init/csh</init_path>

      <init_path lang="python">/usr/share/Modules/init/</init_path>

      <cmd_path lang="perl">/usr/bin/modulecmd perl</cmd_path>

      <cmd_path lang="python">/usr/bin/modulecmd python</cmd_path>

      <cmd_path lang="csh">module</cmd_path>

      <cmd_path lang="sh">module</cmd_path>


        <command name="purge"/>

        <command name="load">intel18/compiler-18</command>


        <command name="load">intel18/mvapich2-2.2</command>

and case.submit (also file is started in #!/usr/bin/env python.

Even though /usr/bin/modulecmd exists, do you have any idea why I got the error message that "No such file or directory"? 



Hi there,

I have met similar problems with you. Have you solved this problem? How? Any information is appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,




Dear Hauzhen,

I'm not sure how my team solved this problem, but I guess modulecmd is needed for all nodes in your multiple nodes. 

At that time, main node in our server only had modulecmd, not for others.


Jin-Soo Kim


Dear Jin-Soo Kim,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will check modulecmd again. Hopefully this problem can be solved soon. Thanks again.

Kind Regards,



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