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modulecmd error in config_machines.xml

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modulecmd error in config_machines.xml

I am trying to port CIME on the r2 cluster at Boise State. I have created the config_machines.xml, config_batch.xml, and config_compilers.xml.


I can successfully create a new case, but when I run case.setup I receive the following ERROR:

ERROR: module command usr/bin/modulecmd python purge failed with message: bin/sh: usr/bin/modulecmd: no such file or directory.


I understand that the <cmd_path lang=..> is required, but our HPC doesn't seem to have the /modulecmd python although we do have python.


At this point, I don't even know how to explain what this is needed for with our Research Computing group.  This seems like a common error. Can anyone give some guidance?


Attached is a copy of the config_machines.xml


Thank you,



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