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MPT error

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MPT error
Hi everyone,

I am trying to run a CESM simulation. I have no problem to compile the model or even to run it. But a few minutes
after submitting the job, I receive this message in my mailbox:

PBS Job Id: 6529369.chadmin1
Job Name: fcsd_test_001.st_archive
Aborted by PBS Server
Job deleted as result of dependency on job 6529367.chadmin1

The log file gives me : MPT error: invalid option -p.
I found a link on CISL website (
/using-mpt-cheyenne-share-queue) saying that
'Running an MPI job with MPT in the Cheyenne "share" queue requires a different environment
variable and a different launch command than what is used for other queues.'

So I created a customized batch script as explained in the website but :
- I don’t know if this is really how to solve my problem
- I am not sure on how to use this script. Do I install it in my case directory and submit it with qsub before
running the model or do I have to do it in a previous step?

Thank you for your help,

If you are using cesm2 on cheyenne you should not expect to have to customize anything - it's our primary system.   

In your source tree do 

cd cime

git checkout maint-5.6

git pull origin maint-5.6

Then create a new case and try again. 



CESM Software Engineer


Thank you for your answer. But the problem is that I have 'permission denied' on everything I am trying to do. Permission denied when I try the git command and also permission denied when I try to modify and save env_mach_specific.xml. 

Is it normal and how can I change that?


Do you have your own copy of the source code or are you trying to change something which is not under your control?  

CESM Software Engineer


You're right, I am trying to modify something that I actually can't because I don't have the right... So the only way is to have my own copy of the source code?

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