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NERSC Cori phase 2

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NERSC Cori phase 2

We are trying to make plans for which version of cesm to use during this coming year. It would be preferable for us to continue using cesm1_2_2 until some current projects are completed. Will this version be ported to phase 2 of NERSC Cori? Or will cesm2.0 be the only supported version? Note we are more concerned about functionality than performance.

Thanks, Michael


With your help we will port cesm1.2.2 to the cori-knl nodes.  

CESM Software Engineer




Our group at UC Berkeley is also interested in using CESM version 1.2.2 on Cori 2. Will it be ported to the KNL nodes sometime soon?


Mike Herman


Althought the cesm1.2.2.1 release update contains a cori-knl configuration, we have not yet been able to acheive satisfactory performance on cori-knl with most cesm setups.   In particular we have not been able to successfully enable openmp threads which I understand to be crucial to performance on KNL.  We welcome input from the community if you find successful configurations for this machine.

CESM Software Engineer

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