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netcdf error rcode = -46 error = NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name when running interpinic

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netcdf error rcode = -46 error = NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name when running interpinic

I'm trying to interpolate between two land cover datasets (same resolution, one is potential vegetation, the other 1850 conditions) but currently get this error:


./interpinic -i /home/ucfaako/Scratch/cesm/archive/lr_cc_spinpotveg/lnd/hist/ -o /home/ucfaako/Scratch/cesm/archive/lr_cc_preind/lnd/hist/

 Mapping clm initial data from input to output initial files

 input numcols =         3045  output numcols =         5290

 input numpfts =        28565  output numpfts =        28346

 input numldus =         3045  output numldus =         2974

 netcdf error rcode =          -46  error = 

 NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name

There doesn't seem to be much online so any help would be greatly appreciated!




Alex Koch, UCL


Hi Alex,

I am currently working on running interpinic myself, and am getting the same error. Have you found any solution to this?


Taylor M. Hughlett, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Texas at Arlington


Hi Taylor,


From what it looks like, I think I used the wrong files for this (you need to use the restart .r. files). The correct workflow would be:

1) create a new case, set the initial conditions to cold start, point fsurdat in user_nl_clm to your to new land surface file (e.g. fsurdat='/location/of/your/file/')

2) run your case for a few days/years (depending on your resolution) until you have a clm restart file (

3) now run interpinic -o -i (the run that you want to continue with the new land cover)

4) copy into YOUROLDRUN/run and rename it to in there (or create a symbolic link, although that sometimes didn't work)

That should be it. Let me know if you have any questions.




Alex Koch, UCL

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