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"NETCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name" Error when changing vertical resolution

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"NETCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name" Error when changing vertical resolution


I got "Invalid dimension ID or name" error when trying to add more vertical layers to the model. What I did is I change nlev in xml, and also use a proper IC with consistent layers. 

This error may also caused by some other modifications I did to the model. I tried to open the DEBUG mode but felt really confused about how to interpret the outputs in corelite files and also what is the meaning of "Invalid dimension ID or name"...

The followings are my model configurations:

version: CESM1.2.2

compset: F_IDEAL_PHYS (I made a lot of changes to tphyidl.F90)

resolution: f19_f19

vertical resolution trying to use: bottom 35 layers in waccm.


My user name in yellowstone is wykang. The rundirectory is under /glade/scratch/wykang/IDEAL_SP1DJF_FREE35/run...

I have stuck here for quite a while, and looking forward to any suggestions...Thanks in advance!




wanying kang


I can't tell from the output logs what the problem might be.  Since it looks like it's possibly related to writing output files I'd try a run using just the default history output.  The "NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name" is not necessarily an error.  This message will occur in the output log of successful runs.




Hi Brian,

Many thanks for replying and help!

I tried that, but still the model crashes. Is there anyway that I can tell where the model crashes from the mysterious log files or fort.* or core.lite files? Specifically what function or subroutine was the model processing? Merry Christmas!



wanying kang

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