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No match for Grid!

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No match for Grid!



./create_newcase -case B1850normal -res T31_T31_gl10 -compset BG1850CN -mach acenet
For a list of potential issues in the current tag, please point your web browser to:
set_compset: no match for grid T31_T31_gl10
to see supported grids issue -
create_newcase -list grids
set_compset: exiting


Here is the the command I use to create a new case, and the error I receive, but the T31_T31_gl10 is in the supported grid list. Here is its long name:



model grid: a%T31_l%T31_oi%T31_r%r05_m%gx3v7_g%gland10_w%null (alias T31_T31_gl10)


I was able to build other combinations of comspet and grid so far, but I don't know why this one stucks here!

Anybody knows the reaon?



The T31_T31_gl10 compset is only supported for compsets with DOCN and CISM, so for example FGCN will work.    For a BG1850CN you have an active Ocean component so that needs to be on the g37 grid:   T31_g37_gl10

CESM Software Engineer

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