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It appears that blackforest is using ppe.poe version

Our system, "The ESMF" is running ppe.poe version

Was ppe.poe upgraded for a reason on blackforest? Did it solve some problems?



I got this answer from consulting:


Greetings and Goodevening,

The ppe.poe is base level software which has been
upgraded many times since it was installed. Here is the
upgrade trail in blackforest:
ppe.poe COMMIT COMPLETE 02/06/03 09:57:48 COMMIT COMPLETE 02/06/03 10:08:49 COMMIT COMPLETE 07/10/03 11:25:32 COMMIT COMPLETE 08/21/03 15:50:31 COMMIT COMPLETE 04/16/04 08:13:41 APPLY COMPLETE 05/25/04 06:46:03
More recent upgrades i.e. after the change freeze in blackforest
are possibly got guided by security upgrade of the base O/S and
hence the related dependence that followed. But earlier upgrades
might have had some bearing on specific problem fixes. As a policy
we can not keep our system too downlevel from the reccommended level
by IBM as we may loose support.

Every fix solves some problems and as you know often creates new
ones! Most of the problems that a upgrade could potentially solve
might not have been encountered here but is carefully been documented
by IBM. Probably, I gave more information that you wanted to hear!
However, please feel free to get back in case this you need more.

Thanks and with warm regards,


CCSM User Support

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