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prepare for CCSM on local machine;

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prepare for CCSM on local machine;

Hi, I'm a new CCSM user, in fact I've NOT yet "touched" the CCSM code package. With a nice help from CCSM staff (Nancy Norton) I've just learned to download the source code(CCSM 3.0 coupled). But, to download a "proper" input dataset, I am facing some difficulty: in order to make my "first-time" running as simple as possible I should try the "simplest" dataset, but, since I'm using non-NCAR machine(such as SGI or Linux-clusters) in order to test out the capability I should properly try the most "demanding" dataset may be ?? I can see, for example, the T31 is perhaps the most simple one, while the T85 may be the most demanding dataset (demanding on machine speed/memory-size etc.), but I am not sure. There seems very little information on the CCSM Download website (ESG) on providing such basic information, although I can understand the fact that such info. ultimately depend on the particular machine/architecture used locally. But, anyway, for a NEW user some basic info. on WHAT INPUT DATA to download for non-NCAR runs, may be very helpful. Thanks. Aaron 1/26/05



The issues associated with getting ccsm 3.0 to run on a machine for which
it is not supported are much larger than the resolution one chooses to
start with. While some of the other people who have been trying to port to
linux can tell you more, I don't think the resolution was an issue.

for your info T85 is a higher resolution than T42 which is higher than T31. If
memory is going to be any kind of issue, starting with the lowest resolution
might be better. I might also make debugging easier. perhaps others who have
gotten a little farther will have other advice.

I recommend you read through all the topics on this page to see what other,
more tedious issues are going to arise as you try and port.

wrt to your comment about the ESG. We currently do not have the man power
to assist in porting the model to other machines, so that is why we do not
mention porting on the ESG or the User's Manual wrt input data sets etc.
You can read the support policy on this forum under "general announcements'.


CCSM User Support

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