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strict F90 syntax with PGI compilers on Opteron

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strict F90 syntax with PGI compilers on Opteron

I have been able to successfully build and run the smoke test and exact restart test given the source mods from George Carr to correctly save allocated arrays and such. However, when testing a short climate run, I have found large difference between a run onbluesky and the same run on our Linux cluster. It seems to be related to the sea ice component, so I thought I would be able to systematically track down the problem by isolated this using the data models for most of the components and then introducing the real component one at a time until the error returns. In trying to compile the data model on our cluster, I ran into a syntax problem in the source mode. It seems that the PGI compilers are strict about mixing f77 and f90 syntax. Since the save option in declarations was not part of f77, the compiler insists that the double colon (::) syntax be used in conjunction with the save option in the declarations I found this in the "advance.F90" routine in several of the src.dXXX directories in SourceMods.

Clinton M. Rowe
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