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more specific POP error ...

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more specific POP error ...

To be more specific regarding my post about LANL-POP version 2.0.1, the error I get when I issue the gmake command is as follows:
LINUX Compiling with implicit rule io_netcdf.f90
PGF90-S-0004-Old Module file /home/ccm33/netcdf-3.5.1/include/netcdf.mod (io_netcdf.f90: 29)
PGF90-F-0004-Recompile source file io_types.f90 (io_netcdf.f90: 29)
PGF90/any Linux/x86 5.2-2: compilation aborted
gmake[2]: *** [io_netcdf.o] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/ccm33/POP_LANL/pop/poprun/compile'
gmake[1]: *** [objs] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ccm33/POP_LANL/pop/poprun/compile'
gmake: *** [compile.m] Error 2

Does anybody know what this error means? What is the file netcdf.mod used for and why is it considered "old"?


netcdf.mod contains the F90 interface to NetCDF which POP2 uses. My guess is its "old" because it was compiled with an older version of pgf90. Try recompiling the NetCDF library with the same compiler you're using for POP.


Hello all


1) Try PGI 5.2-4.
Worked for me with CCSM3 (compiles and runs correctly).
Previous versions of PGI are buggy, except the ancient 4.0-2.
The new release 6.0 is buggy as well, I was told.

2) Also, PGI compilers require that you compile the program and
all the modules it uses with the same compiler version.
This looks like not to be the case with your io_netcdf.f90,
or perhaps with some other module that it uses.
Recompiling everything with a single version (I suggest 5.2-4) would be the best.

Gus Correa

Gus Correa Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

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