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running error on the SGI Altix3700

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running error on the SGI Altix3700

I run the CCSM3 on the SGI Altix3700. Compiling of the compset B is passed, but it couludnot run. The following is the message(in file ocn.log.050614-222710 ).What's wrong with pop? What can I do?

WARNING (hmix_aniso):
some values of parallel viscosity > 1/2 CFL limit
parallel viscosity will be tapered

((balancing_regions) )marginal sea Baltic Sea
((balancing_regions)) WARNING: distribution points span two regions
(balancing_regions) region1 : 9
(balancing_regions) region2 : 10

Could not find range for chlamnt = 8.1283E+00

POP exiting...
set_chl_trans range error for chlamnt


The SGI Altix is not on the official list of supported machines (see the link under the CCSM Help for building/running on supported (category 1 only) machines category for a full list), so the original message doesn't really belong here (try Porting to unsupported machines instead).

That said, I can offer you some general information. First of all, the first two messages are warning messages, and are there only as an "fyi." The message

" Could not find range for chlamnt = 8.1283E+00"

however, indicates a real problem with your computations in the sw_absorption module. This error message does not occur on supported platforms; I would recommend that you closely examine the portion of sw_absorption where chlamnt is computed and make sure that you are reading the data in correctly, then examine the variables involved in the computation of chlamnt.

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