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problems with mpich

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problems with mpich

I am trying to run CAM on linux cluster...I am compiling fine, but model does not run...with an old version of mipich the model seems to run but does not produce any output files!!!

I have downloaded and compiled a newer version of mpich (1.2.6...not sure!)

here is the error message I get:
andes:~/CAM3.0/runs/parallel]% /usr/local/mpich/bin/mpirun -np 4 bld/cam < namelist
t_setoption: option disabled: Usr Sys
Permission denied.
p0_7375: p4_error: Child process exited while making connection to remote process on andes: 0
/usr/local/mpich/bin/mpirun: line 1: 7375 Broken pipe /export/home/andes/maisa/CAM3.0/runs/parallel/bld/cam -p4pg /export/home/andes/maisa/CAM3.0/runs/parallel/PI7249 -p4wd /export/home/andes/maisa/CAM3.0/runs/parallel

The cluster uses SCALI for comunication between nodes, and with other models we usually use mpimon for runnig the model...can CAM be build to use scali as well?

Also, can the model be compiled to run a machine with 64bit?

many thanks for any help,


Hmmm. If you are using mpich with the p4 driver, I'm guessing that you are using an ethernet network. In any case, with the p4 driver we discovered some coding problems in CCSM that will be needed. These are not yet fully tested and ready for distribution.

George R Carr Jr


Good day!!!

I install gcc cross compiler. How I can compile the mpich package with cross compiler? What options to me should be used?

Thanks in advance
Vadim Karamov


I am trying to configure/compile MPICH-1.2.7 with Intel C++ compilers version 9.
The problems is, it is faling to create shared libraries.

With icc version 8.00 , it use to compile shared libs, but dont know
whats gone in icc version-9.

The configure arguments are as below,

./configure --with-device=ch_shmem --enable-sharedlib
--prefix=/mnt/hdi1/parinay/rm/ICC-9/ -cc=icc -clinker=icc -c++=icpc
-c++linker=icpc --enable-debug

The output of ./configure related to shared lib is as below,

checking for argument used to indicate shared lib search dir... -Wl,-rpath -Wl,
checking whether shared libraries can be built... no

I tried to probe the matter at my end and thus the diff between the
Makefile of MPICH with these 2-compliers(version-8 and version-9) is
as below,
# diff icc-8/Makefile icc-9/Makefile
< -@if [ "gcc" != "ignore" ] ; then \
> -@if [ "ignore" != "ignore" ] ; then \
< ${top_srcdir}/util/makesharedlib -exceptobjs="farg.o
farg90.o initf.o" -lib=$$lib -kind=gcc ; \
> ${top_srcdir}/util/makesharedlib -exceptobjs="farg.o farg90.o initf.o" -lib=$$lib -kind=ignore ; \
< ${top_srcdir}/util/makesharedlib -exceptobjs="farg.o
farg90.o initf.o" -lib=lib.a -kind=gcc ; \
> ${top_srcdir}/util/makesharedlib -exceptobjs="farg.o farg90.o initf.o" -lib=lib.a -kind=ignore ; \
< @if [ "gcc" != "ignore" ] ; then \
> @if [ "ignore" != "ignore" ] ; then \
< --with-mpichsrc=${MPIR_HOME} --enable-shared \
> --with-mpichsrc=${MPIR_HOME} \
I am running this on a NUMA machine with 2.6.12-rc1 kernel.

Let me know if you need anything more on this.

thank & regards,

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