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which grid should I use?

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which grid should I use?

Now I want to do a global simulation, I wonder can I still use the internal horizontal grid, that is to say, set the item 'horiz_grid_opt' in the file pop_in 'internal', or must I use the dipole or tripole grids generated by the software G-cubed?
Phoebe Cao


Are you using the stand-alone version of pop, or the CCSM version?

Only the CCSM (coupled) version of pop is supported by CCSM; stand-alone pop is supported by LANL.

If you are using the stand-alone version, you have some flexibility in your grid choice, but if you are using the CCSM version, you must use one of the two displaced-pole grids that are included in the CCSM release (gx1v3 or gx3v5).

There is more information about the CCSM horizontal grids in the CCSM documentation provided with the released version of the CCSM3.0; see the section on the CCSM supported grids in the general CCSM documentation.
See also Chapter 3 of the CCSM pop documentation.


I am using the stand-alone version, could you give me more advices about the horizontal grid?
Is it meaningful of using the internal horizontal grid in a global scale simulation?


The stand-alone pop model is not supported by CCSM; we only support a modified version of the pop model that is coupled to the CCSM3.0.

Documentation for the stand-alone pop model is provided by the model developers at Los Alamos Nationa Laboratory on their website:


I see.
Thank you!

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