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Ocean Transport

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Ocean Transport

I am running POP gx1v3 as part of the CCSM3. I want to compute ocean transport through the Drake Passage and other transport regions. Sverdrups = 10^6 m^3 s^-1. Here is my understanding:

POP creates transport diagnostic output files: caseid.pop.dt.0001-01-01-0000

I believe the volumetric transport is in the second column of the Drake Passage line within this file. Can anyone confirm this? If not, how is it computed?

Any help is appreciated.



Basically, the transports file contains time (decimal days), then mass, heat, and
salt transports, then the transport name, for each transport requested by the
input file.

In the following example, I've added a header line to explain the contents. In the
actual transport diagnostics file, there is no header.

decimal days mass heat salt transport
3.000000E+01 1.640398E+02 1.614831E+00 5.653366E+03 Drake Passage


Thank you for your response. I looked in the code, and mass flux is in Sverdrups (Sv). So, I believe this is what I am looking for: Volumetric Transport (Sv):

mass_to_Sv = 1.0e-12_dbl_kind ! mass flux to Sverdrups
diagnostics.F: transports(1,n) = transports(1,n)*mass_to_Sv

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