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Load Balancing CCSM4 on Bluefire

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Load Balancing CCSM4 on Bluefire

We are starting to use the CCSM4 on Bluefire and wonder if anyone has already done some legwork in terms of load-balancing
the following cases:
F2000 - resolution:1.9x2.5_gx1v6
E2000 - resolution:1.9x2.5_gx1v6
B2000 - resolution:1.9x2.5_gx1v6

Information on work other people have done on this would be greatly appreciated.



You will find load balances for B case on bluefire at:


In the F compset cam is by far the most expensive component. In this case a sequential configuration with all components running on all tasks works well, and is probably optimal. That mimics the way CAM would be run using the standalone scripts rather than the CESM scripts. I believe that that is also the default PE layout that you'll get from the CESM scripts.

Not sure about the E compsets, but it wouldn't surprise me to find that a sequential configuration is optimal there as well.

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