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CAM4 single column mode - GABLS

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CAM4 single column mode - GABLS

I am running CAM4 as a standalone model, part of the CCSM4.0, in a single column mode.

I have adapted the available PBS script for a Cray machine, run-cray.csh, to the local CRAYXT4 machine (hexagon), and configured the CAM4 model into a single column mode. The model is running with the available forcing IOP file,, and also with a home made IOP file based on SHEBA data.

Now I am trying to set up the theoretical GABLS test (, where the model is forced with a constant geostrophic wind and a decreasing surface temperature. When I set all advection fields and the vertical velocities to zero in the IOP file (large scale forcing), and initialize with a constant 8 m/s wind at all vertical levels, no boundary layer is developing, i.e. all horizontal velocities are equal to the initialized velocities during a 9 h model time!

a) How do I force the model with a geostrophic wind in the SCM mode?
b) Why doesn't the physics in the model adjust the wind speed in the boundary layer?


/configure -dyn eul -hgrid 48x96 -nlev 30 -scam -nospmd -nosmp -v -test -cam_exe scam

Namelist (where runtype = startup, startymd = 19000101, starttod = 0, stop_n = 3240):

/build-namelist -v -case $case -runtype $runtype -test -ignore_ic_date \
-namelist "&camexp start_ymd=$startymd start_tod=$starttod stop_option='nsteps' stop_n=$stop_n \
/ &scam scmlat=76 scmlon=194 / &cam_inparm iopfile='/work/bergh/inputdata/' \
/ &cam_imparm ncdata='/work/bergh/inputdata/' \
/ &dom_inparm bndtvs='/work/bergh/inputdata/' \
/ &dom_inparm focndomain='/work/bergh/inputdata/' \
/ &cam_inparm avgflag_pertape = 'A' , 'I' \
/ &cam_inparm nhtfrq = 0 , 1 \
/ &cam_inparm mfilt = 1 , 3240 \
/ &cam_inparm scm_iop_srf_prop = .true. \
/ &cam_inparm dtime = 10 \
/ &cam_inparm fincl2 = 'PBLH','TAUX','TAUY','U','V','OMEGA','OMEGAT','T','Q','Z3','TKE','TS','PS','LHFLX','SHFLX','DIVU','DIVV','DIVT','DIVQ','USTAR' /" \
-config $blddir/config_cache.xml

Please tell me if more information is needed!
Any help would be much appreciated!

Best regards,

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