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run off and negative salinity

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run off and negative salinity

Hi All,
i am trying to add rivers to the model. I did arrays identical with grid and in 6 points are values of mass flux (kg/m^2/s). I use real and reasonable data where incoming volume is about VOL~2000 m^3/s. I recalculated this value to mass flux (kg/m^2/s) using equation:
M_FLUX = VOL*density/area_of_the_cell.
When i started the model i got negative salinity values in the place where are the rivers. I have tried to split this volume into more cells and it helped but during the spring outflow i have got negative salinity again. The model treat the river as a sfwf, does anybody tried to apply horizontal velocity of this flux.
Volume of 2000 m^3/s is not huge but some river can have up VOL~280000 so i afraid if i will divide it into more cell i will no be enough.


Look in the NCAR Tech Note, NCAR/TN-460+STR titled Diurnal to Decadal Global Forcing for Ocean and Sea-Ice Models: The Data Sets and Flux Climatologies by Large and Yeager. Details are found here:[]=technotes. See Section 4.4, which discusses continental runoff, and Figure 4.

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