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Known Working Compilers

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Known Working Compilers


I've managed to get the model to compile, however I know run into an error when I try to run the model, a stack error immediately upon execution (I'm working on a couple suggestions I found in this forum and through torque support). While searching it seems like there are a number of compilers/versions that have bugs that affect the CESM.

I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a list of all the compilers that the CESM v1.0.3 is known to work on (even if not officially supported). And if no such list exists could you post your system, compilers and versions here to start a list?

Thank you,

Hi Aron

I don't think there is such a list of compilers.
The files scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines/Macros.* may give you a sample of what should work.

For what it is worth I compiled CESM_1_0_3 with Intel 10.1.017 [icc and ifort]
on a Linux 64-bit machine. It works. I suppose newer Intel compilers should also work.

I suggest also that you use NetCDF [NetCDF-3 is fine] and MPI [I used OpenMPI 1.4.3,
but I guess MPICH2 or MVAPICH2 should also work]
libraries built from source, using the same compilers that you'll use for CESM.
This may help avoid undefined symbols, different name mangling schemes, etc.

I hope this helps,
Gus Correa

PS - Make sure you read the 'porting' chapter/session in the CCSM/CESM User Guide.
It will save you time.

Gus Correa Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

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