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Problem moving from successful run of f19_g16 to clone and validation process ...

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Problem moving from successful run of f19_g16 to clone and validation process ...


I have successfully run the f19_g16 test case on both our
SGI (Intel compiler) and Cray (Cray compiler) and am attempting
to following the instructions to complete validation here:

Cloning seems to work fine on both systems after following
the procedure here:

However, when the job is submitted and runs, both systems produce
the following identical error:


(seq_timemgr_clockInit) glc_cpl_dt = 86400
(seq_timemgr_clockInit) atm_cpl_offset = 0
(seq_timemgr_clockInit) lnd_cpl_offset = 0
(seq_timemgr_clockInit) ice_cpl_offset = 0
(seq_timemgr_clockInit) ocn_cpl_offset = 0
(seq_timemgr_clockInit) glc_cpl_offset = 0

(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_timemgr_alarmInit) :dateopt_ymd, opt_tod invalid
(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping

Google searches have produced little useful except the line
where the failure occurs in the source of 'seq_timemgr_alarmInit':

case (seq_timemgr_optDate)
!--- tcx seems we need an alarm interval or the alarm create fails,
!--- problem in esmf_wrf_timemgr?
call ESMF_TimeIntervalSet(AlarmInterval, yy=9999, rc=rc)
if (.not. present(opt_ymd)) call shr_sys_abort(subname//':'//trim(option)//' requires opt_ymd')
if (lymd < 0 .or. ltod < 0) then
call shr_sys_abort(subname//':'//trim(option)//'opt_ymd, opt_tod invalid')
call seq_timemgr_ETimeInit(NextAlarm, lymd, ltod, "optDate")
update_nextalarm = .false.

It appears that either the TOD or YMD variables are less than zero, but how
can such errors be possible in a test case that must be run hundreds of times ... ??

Suggestions ... ??

Richard Walsh
Parallel Applications and Systems Manager
CUNY HPC Center, Staten Island, NY



What version of CESM are you using and can you tell me how what your create_newcase command line was to create the case. The create_newcase is echoed into the file in your case directory. Are you trying to run the create_production_test script? I will try to duplicate your problem and get back to you.

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